High Temperature Brew Pump HBP-17

This is a home brewing brew pump , also a magnetic drive pump, and it can self-priming. Great pump for your home Brewery! The materials are meet for a criterion of FDA Food Compliant. It can not Submersible. Do not run dry.

Pump Design:  High Temperature Pump

Body Material:  Stainless Steel & Teflon, Ryton

Motor Tape:  Permanent-Magnet Motors

Port Size:  1/2”(15mm)

Liquid Temp:  120℃ (250℉)

Typical Applications:  Home Brew Brewing , Transfer Hot And Cold Liquid , Beverage Brewing , Industrial etc.


ModelVoltLIQUID TMPFlowAmpsLiftPowerPacking SizeN.W/G.W
HBP-SC 17115250/12064.5/172.027/8.3230165*210*2804.8/4.95
HBP-SC 17230250/12064.5/171.027/8.3230165*210*2804.8/4.95
HBP-PC 17115250/12064.5/172.027/8.3230165*210*2803.72/3.90
HBP-PC 17230250/12064.5/171.027/8.3230165*210*2803.72/3.90
HBP-AS 17115250/12064.5/172.027/8.3230165*210*2807.8/8.0
HBP-AS 17230250/12064.5/171.027/8.3230165*210*2807.8/8.0

Exploded Map

2Front Cover1
3Front Cover1
4O Ring1
7Rear Housing1
8Rear Housing1
9Driver Magnet1
10Motor Connecting Bracket1
11ODP Motor1
12TEFC Motor1

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